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Is Public Relations For Me? Zen and the Art of PR For Consultants and Small Businesses
Public relations is the most economical and efficient marketing technique available to small-sized companies and consultants. It’s an incredibly bold statement yet it’s totally reasonable once you’ve got the facts. I’m not sure how many times I’ve been approached by business owners who ask my advice „Can I afford to do PR?“ I always respond exactly the same way: „You can’t afford NOT to do PR.“pr agencies in Delhi

Advertising is Not Public Relations

The first thing to remember is that advertising isn’t PR and PR isn’t advertising. Advertising is merely a strategy through which you pay to have advertisements in magazines, newspapers as well as direct mail pieces or other courses media-that you hope to get responses that are proportional to the amount you invest. The issue with this strategy for small-sized business owners is that you must spend a considerable amount of money to achieve the necessary critical mass for you to generate enough sales to make up the money you’ve invested. In the end, this is just a numbers game one that only big companies can pr agency in Delhi

People Trust News

Public relations are cost-effective since it provides more than just numbers – it provides confidence. According to research, people are more trusting of news coverage more than advertisements. For instance, TNS, a leading marketing information organization, released in the beginning of 2009 the findings from a survey of 1000 US households about trust among consumers. The most significant result is that consumers generally trust news and the information they read on the internet. When it comes to advertising is concerned, it’s not that companies in Delhi

In the survey only 35 percent of the respondents showed any confidence in the field of advertising, a figure that could be troubling to CEOs as well as their bean counters!

Here’s a summary of results:

The credibility of local newspapers 46 percent

The credibility of local TV 44 percent

Print credibility in advertising 21 percent

The credibility of TV advertising is 11 percent

Trustworthiness of print advertising 17 percent

Trustworthiness of advertising on television 9 percent

The reason that public relations is more dependable is due to the implicit endorsement by the media outlet that is covering your story. If they’re willing to include the story on their airtime as well as their editorial space on their website that means you are at a minimum important enough for them to spend money to publish your story. In the case of advertising, anyone who is able to pay for the space is able to purchase it. There’s nothing more than confidence required – all you need is the check book.

Cost Savings

Additionally, a successful public relations program costs around one-tenth of the price of an advertisement. A budget of just a few dollars can allow you to run the chance to drop an object into the pond, and you are hoping that the tiny ripples get to certain customers. A PR campaign is a chance to drop a rock in the same pond for the cost of advertising’s pebble.

Some retainer-based firms are taking on small businesses and consultant clients at cut rates these days, while „pay-for-performance“ style agencies (that do project-based work with placement guarantees) are even more cost efficient because their guarantees help mitigate your risk.

In the end there’s a broad selection of affordable options for small businesses who think they would benefit from the image and publicity that good public relations can bring. Additionally, advertising is an exercise in selling while PR involves many other aspects. The best PR consultants assist their clients in branding and messaging the positioning of their clients, as well as crisis communications, and community relations. The best ones know how to position themselves to journalists as an authority in the field. This means that when news is published in your field you receive a prompt invitation by the press to assist to analyze the news and explain it to their audience. In various ways, PR provides the gift of marketing that never stops giving.

For the past 20 years, Marsha Friedman has been a prominent authority in public relations in her role as Director of EMSI the nation’s largest public relations company. Her company represents companies and experts in a myriad of fields , including health, business food, lifestyle and finance, politics and law, as well as sports and entertainment. Some of the most famous clients include Teamster’s president Jimmy Hoffa Jr., Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, the former President Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane and the famous Motown Group, the Temptations.

She provides advice to businesses and individuals every day and is often asked to give talks at conferences on how to maximize the power of public agency in Delhi NRC