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Why is On-premises Exchange Migration beneficial for Your Business?

Several organizations nowadays prefer to keep their Exchange server at their premises, and there are several features of it.

It gives the user complete control over Exchange, allowing them to configure specifications and settings and manage mailboxes and other items as needed. Server updates, restarts, backups, and shutdowns can all be controlled and carried out at your convenience. You have complete control over your Exchange Data and are aware of its location. Data security is a major consideration in this scenario, and with On-premises Exchange, users can rest assured that their data is secure because it is stored locally. Also, users have the option to upgrade the security feature as needed.

If you want to do Exchange Server migration from hosted to on-premises, I suggest you use the Shoviv Exchange Migration tool. The software makes the migration process a cakewalk that even novices can use it without assistance.

Let me explain its working process so you’ll get a better idea:


  • Install and open the software.
  • Add Hosted Exchange mailboxes and click on the Exchange server option from the ribbon bar.
  • Provide on-premises credentials and map both source and target mailboxes, respectively.
  • Use the filter option and click Next. The software will start the Exchange Server Migration.

Install its free version now and examine the software for free.

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